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TP Link is one of the best when it comes to providing networking hardware and accessories to the users. They provide very reliable routers and accessories which more than are suitable for homes and small businesses. Their routers need to be setup and logged in first so that the user can personalize their network suitable to their needs. The setup process is very easy and it only takes a couple of minutes. The user can just type www.tplinkwifi.net in the address bar of any internet browser of their choice and get to the login page of their TP Link router. The user needs to login to their routers so that they can get access to the advanced features of the router such as the Guest Network, Parental Control, to change the username and password for their router so that they can secure their network, to upgrade the firmware on their router and more.

What is www.tplinkwifi.net? 

The web domain name www.tplinkwifi.net is the domain name that is used to login to the TP Link router. The users had to either find out or remember their router’s default IP addresses to login to their routers. It was a little troubling for some users as they did not know or just couldn’t find out the default IP address for their routers. So, TP Link made it easier for their users to be able to login to the routers. The router recognizes the web domain name and translates it to the default IP address of the router and reroutes the user directly to the login page of the router. The user just needs to type in the default information of the router. The default username and password for most of the TP Link routers is “admin” for both cases. The username and password are case sensitive.

For the router to keep working properly and so that the user doesn’t face any trouble logging in to their router, the user needs to keep the firmware of their router up to date. TP Link releases the firmware update regularly so that their users do not face any troubles with the router. The main concern of an updated firmware is security. The firmware update makes sure that the security on the router is up to date and that it isn’t vulnerable to any potential threats. All the sensitive information of the user passes through the router such as their private information, their banking details, their emails and passwords and more. So it is very important to keep the firmware of the router up to date. Other than that, the new firmware removes or fixes the bugs or resolves any previously faced issues with the router, and might even add some new features to the router, enhance the overall speeds of the router and provide more stability. The firmware update can be done after logging in using www.tplinkwifi.net and going through the Quick Setup of the TP Link router.

Here, we guide users through the setup and installation process, help to upgrade the firmware of the router, to reset the router and to change the username and password using the Quick Setup of the router.

How to setup the TP Link router for the first time using Quick Setup

There are some pre requisites required for the setup process. They are:

  1. A desktop computer for the setup and installation process.
  2. Ethernet wires for the connections to be made.
  3. A working internet connection.

Here are the steps to setup the TP Link router for the first time:

  1. Connect the desktop computer to any of the LAN ports of the router using the Ethernet cable. It is recommended that the initial setup is done with the help of a desktop computer. Make sure the connections are made properly.
  2. Now, connect the modem to the WLAN port of the router using another Ethernet cable. Make sure the connections are made properly.
  3. Switch off the modem, router and the desktop computer and switch them on. Wait for all the devices to finish booting up.
  4. Open up an internet browser of your choice and type www.tplinkwifi.net in the address bar and press enter. A login page will display.
  5. When the login page has displayed, it will prompt you to type in the default information for your router. The default username and password are “admin” for both cases. If the user cannot access the Quick Setup via the default password, then there is a chance that the user might have changed the password. Try logging in with any other passwords. It that fails too, then the router needs to be reset in order to restore it back to its factory default settings.
  6. After you have logged in, the Quick Setup will display. Click Next to start personalizing your network as you desire.
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