Connecting the Hardware

  • Connect the DSL/ cable modem to the internet port of the TP Link archer router using an Ethernet cable. In case of an internet connection through an Ethernet cable directly, connect the cable to one of the internet ports of the router.
  • Place your TP Link archer router horizontally at a suitable place and keep the antennas extended properly to the maximum level.

Note: TP Link router gives its better performance when it is placed horizontally and installed. Placing the router in vertical installation situations can affect performance by antenna direction and position.

  • Connect your modem to power and turn it on and wait for about 2 minutes to let it restart. Also, Connect the TP link Archer c5400 router to power source or power adapter and turn on the router.
  • The LEDs on the router will light solid. Confirm that they are on to verify the correct hardware connection.

TP-link archer c5400 router configuration through Web Browser

  • Connect your computer to your TP link router using an Ethernet cable
  • Find the SSID (network name) and Wireless Password mentioned on the bottom of the router.
  • Go to network on your computer, click on Wi-Fi Settings for your device.
  • Select your router’s displayed SSID and join the network. Enter the wireless password of your router when asked.
  • Launch a web browser on your computer and type or default IP in the address bar and press Enter.
  • A login window will appear where you will have to enter the login details; username and password which is admin and then click on Login.
  • For security purposes, it is suggested to create a new username and password and click Confirm.
  • Follow the on screen steps wise instructions of the Quick Setup to complete the initial configuration.

Note: in case you are not aware of the Internet Connection Type, click on Auto Detect to know.

Finally your TP link archer c 5400 in installed and connected to the router.