TP-link router setup

How to Access to your TP-link router?

To access your router, connect a PC to the router using an Ethernet cable. Use a conventional network cable (Cat5) and the LAN ports of your TP Link router. In the browser then type in the router IP address The configuration interface of the router opens.

What is the address and password of my router?

You do not have access to your router? Did you forget the default password? In our table we try to give you the most common router passwords, IP addresses and settings for devices from Netgear, AVN (Fritzbox) , D-Link and others. This should allow a factory reset router to be reconfigurable. The router addresses are linked. With one click, therefore, the login form should be visible with the correct (IP) address.

Do I need a router for 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

Each terminal today operates at least on the 2.4 GHz band, more modern models can also use the 5 GHz band, which, if not too much obstruction, higher data rates can be achieved.

Can multiple free-radio routers be connected in one place?

Several free-wireless routers can communicate both over the radio and over the WAN port. There is the Mesh-on-WAN function, which can be activated in the expert settings. Of course, the routers can also connect to the rest of the free-radio cloud independently of each other.

How can I subsequently make changes to my TP-link router?

In normal operation, only one status page can be reached on the router. If you want to make changes, you have to put the router in config mode. To do this, press the WPS/Resetbutton on the powered up router until all the lights come on briefly, then release it. After a short time, the status LED should flash characteristically (see diagram). You will now receive an IP address via DHCP on one of the LAN ports and can access the configuration page at

How can I limit the speed to "spare" my line?

Experience has shown that the speed is already limited by the limitation of the gateways and the network in general. Values ​​of 4-5 Mbps (Down) are currently measured here. So, if you have a 16 Mbps line or faster you should not have any problems. You can limit the speed of the free radio node in the web interface. For TP link routers without a web interface, this is explained in the instructions for limiting speed.
IP address unknown?

You do not know the IP address of your TP-Link router? This can happen if you have bought a used router. In that case it often only helps to reset the router to factory settings.

How to Reset my Router?

The router reset is necessary if you forget your router password. Another case would be if no access to the web interface is possible - usually this happens when one has forgotten his own IP address ( FAQ: How to find out the router address ) and thus cannot connect to the router , It is also possible that you have made settings on the router that you cannot undo. The router can be reset depending on the model in different way tp-link router setup.

Where can I find the manual for my router?

If you have to make settings on the WLAN or WAN (user name and password), you will notice for the first time, that the operating instructions have been lost. We therefore made the effort and the manuals of the most popular routers from different manufacturers such as Netgear, AVM, TP-Link, etc. All manuals and operating instructions provided here may be downloaded free of charge.

How to set up a router?

If you want to set up a router, you must first find a suitable location and then connect all cables and connections properly. Although each router model is slightly different, this process is similar for many.
The location of the router
Connect the router tp-link router setup
Access the setting of the router
Set password for the router
Encrypt the WLAN f the router
Connect terminals to the router

What are the most demanding TP-Link Routers?

Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router
AC 1200 TP-Link Router
Archer C9 AC 1900 TP- Link Router

How can I change the name for a wireless network on a Wi-Fi router?

We need to go to the settings of the router. If you do not know how to do this, then I tell you: connect the router to the computer, best on the network cable. In the browser, type the address (perhaps another, see below the router) and enter the password with the login to access the settings (login and password are admin and admin by default.) You can also see the bottom of the router.
We went into the tincture and immediately go to the tab Wireless - Wireless Settings. Oppose the Wireless Network Name item and create a new name. And click the Save button to save the results. Restart the router.

How to configure a home router and Wi-Fi?

If you go to connect a router at home and set up Wi-Fi, then follow these simple steps:
See general information about connecting your home network tp-link router setup
If permanent authorization is enabled - disable it in the Personal Area
If you have ADSL - make sure that the modem is configured in bridge (bridge) mode or switch it to this mode.
Connect the Internet cable to the WAN port of the router
Configure the router as described here.
Set up Wi-Fi on the router as recommended here.
On any computer go to the official site, enter login / password, enable permanent authorization.
After that, you can use the Internet at any time from any connected device, without additional action.

What do you understand by 300 Mbps and 150 Mbps Routers?

150 Mbps and 300 Mbps implies the greatest remote connections speed the switch can give. It is the inward WLAN association speed between the PC and the switch, not the web speed.

How to Configure Router in few simple steps?

Configure the type of Internet connection (WAN) - Dynamic IP (possible Dynamic IP, DHCP or "automatically"), that is, without PPTP / PPPoE and other tunnel protocols;
"does not require login and password"
IP address - "Get automatically";
DNS - "Get automatically"
Enable DHCP server (usually enabled by default)
Set up WiFi if there is.

How I can connect two routers to one network using a cable?

You need to connect the device to the Internet without a Wi-Fi adapter. When creating a local network with a single Internet source, its immediate functions - traffic routing, will perform one of the two routers. We call it a conditionally leading one. The second one is the slave, it will work as a link that collects and forwards traffic from the connected devices to the leading router.

Do I have to reset the power line connectors/extenders on the off chance that I've changed my Router?

Simply keep the way that current connectors/extenders attach to your old router. On the off chance that you have to change the remote settings of the extenders to be the same as the new router’s settings, please press the WPS catch on the switch and after that Wi-Fi catch on the connector; or allude to this connection.

Is it conceivable to coordinate the TP-Link router in the remote system Fritz box as a repeater?

Unhappily, you cannot utilize the provided Router "tp-link router setup" as a repeater for a current remote system. In the event that that worked, you would likewise need to reconfigurate your Smartphone or Tablet coincidentally!

If it is required, how might I reset the remote Router?

On the back of the TP-Link gadget, on the far left there is a recessed reset catch, which can be squeezed with a ballpoint pen. How the router can be returned to operation, you can read in our separate Router Configuration Manual.